Is Scrum Master just the facilitator of the events?

Doesn’t the Scrum Master just book and facilitate the events? 

This is a common question from those who are new to the framework. The beauty and the curse of the Scrum Master accountability is that you need someone motivated to influence change. 

Sometime team or management or some senior folks in the team think Scrum Master is there as a PA to arrange meetings and book meeting rooms, then this is not for what Scrum Master’s is. Anyone can book a few meetings in outlook; that goes without saying, and to be honest, someone might get away with going through the motions for a while. If we are thinking about and talk about cultural change, empowered team, independence, respect, coaching and mentorship, then team and management should think about bigger picture.

The real work comes from the work beneath the surface. 

Things like:

💡 Highlighting to leadership the value that a cross-functional team could be. 

💡 Helping those within an organisation understand that agility is more important than Agile. 

💡 Helping to look at ways to help ship code more often, in a safe manner. 

So no, the Scrum Master doesn’t just book the events.

Scrum isn’t supposed to be an obstacle to overcome, it’s supposed to help overcome obstacles.

Over time, Scrum should move to the background. You should rarely talk about it at all. Scrum should help in shifting the conversation about the real obstacles you are experiencing to deliver more value.

Purposefully incomplete means focusing on what makes it whole. Not aiming for perfection on the incomplete part. That’s like a painter that keeps talking and obsessing over their canvas.

The fact Scrum has a Scrum Master does not mean you should perpetually and monomaniacally focus on mastering Scrum. Perfectly incomplete still doesn’t get you any further than being incomplete.

An intentionally incomplete framework will never answer *your* problems, that’s still up to you to figure out. That’s the hard work you need to put in and should be focusing on.

Scrum should be the easy part.

If you already over-complicate that then you can forget about the rest.

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