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Anaconda-style vs Hummingbird-style Scrum

Is your team doing Anaconda-style or Hummingbird-style Scrum Or do they possess some properties of both?

Anaconda-style Scrum teams believe the following:

  • The Sprint plan should be fully fleshed out before the Sprint starts.
  • Changes in the plan are seen as a failure.
  • Alterations in the Sprint Backlog are discouraged.
  • Work is pulled in at the start of the Sprint to fill up every inch of capacity and creating a large batch of work to process.
  • Completing all work in the Sprint is the goal of the Sprint, even if they use a Sprint Goal.

Hummingbird-style Scrum teams believe the following:

  • The Sprint plan should emerge during the Sprint. We work with what we do know to discover what we don’t know. Doing exposes reality, as Woody Zuill phrases it.
  • Changes in the plan are encouraged, as our initial plans are limited by the fog of beforehand — what we can know before starting the work.
  • Changes in the Sprint are encouraged. As we learn more, we can do a better job.
  • Work is pulled in the Sprint as necessary, just like happens with Kanban teams.
  • The purpose of the Sprint is to meet the Sprint Goal. Other items present in the Sprint are stretch goals — we may or may not complete them depending on how difficult meeting the Sprint Goal turns out to be compared to our initial predictions.

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